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     If we can't EASILY locate an address on your order, it will be placed on hold and your paypal address will be sent a message through paypal that the order is on hold. If within 50 days from the date of the order you do not supply us with an address to mail your decals (or any items ordered) we can't refund your money through paypal. PAYPAL will keep all fees associated with the order after 60 days and we will have archived your order anyway (we deducted 10 days for processing). Keep in mind the mass of emails and orders we have to deal with.So get that address in the order!!!!!

    The only other matters left at hand is "expressed warranties". There aren't any. Once you have made your purchase and we send you an updated status through your PAYPAL account that the order has shipped or we just plainly mail the item (sometimes paypal doesn't update the orders and we hold no responsibility to paypal not working properly or as intended), we no longer hold responsibility for USPS or the quality of the product. We of course will work with customers on a case by case scenario but certainly retain the right to mail what we believe is a quality product through the postal system and have our responsibility of the product end there.. The only way you will get our attention to work with you is if you contact us at our email address (decals@deweygibson.com) within 30 (thirty) days from when you received “your order has shipped” notice. But we cannot guarantee any promises of an acceptable solution on your part. Think about ordering a beer at the bar and some knuckle head knocks it over. The bar surely doesn't owe you a free beer, and good luck getting the knuckle head to admit his fault. For all intended purposes of this story, the knuckle head is played by the USPS and the beer represents the product of www.dewmanshu.com) The power of advertising for us is pretty much through word of mouth and the forum members at performancetrucks.net chatting online in threads and posts. Ask others online there about the quality of the product. May not be the quality of a $25 decal but is certainly a product of quality. You will get a quality product, as long as your address information is correct and the USPS actually gets it to your "door" in one piece. We of course could express a better warranty and insure the product during shipment, but that would obviously drive the cost up and the chance of your product getting damaged or lost in the regular mail is slim to none anyway, so why charge more for just a simple decal. Again, we will handle each order that has problems on a case by case (within 30 days notice that your order has shipped) but www.dewmanshu.com reserves the right to accept no fault of damage or loss by others.

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    -- OR Depending on State --

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    Please see Terms of Use for other warranty related items.

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